How to pull off a display shower

I guess the first thing I should do is explain what a display shower (sometimes called a green shower) is all about! The guests are asked not to wrap their presents so that the bride or the mommy to be doesn’t have to sit there and open every single last one. It’s a great time saver because then the guest of honor can spend some time with the people who came to support them (and maybe even eat something at their own shower – gasp!) How many showers have you been to where you actually enjoying sitting there, watching all the gifts being opened? Be honest – and your own shower doesn’t count!! : )

Sounds like a perfect shower, huh? There are some drawbacks. Guests may not like that other people won’t know what they gave the bride or mommy to be. Let’s face it – people can be competitive. If you bought the PERFECT gift and no one knows it was you, you might be a little upset. Especially if you are like me and rarely feel like what you got the guest of honor is the absolute best idea ever!

Another drawback is that this means later on, the guest of honor (GOH) has to open all those cards. And what do you do about gift cards? They may not be as popular at bridal showers as they are at baby showers, but where do they get displayed? Fear not, I have solutions to all of these (and maybe more!)

A friend of mine is throwing her sister a display shower and she was asking me for ideas. One of them was about a tag for each present. I thought – what a fantastic idea! This way, each preset will have the same tag (a basic heart shape) where each guest can write their name and a little message to the bride. By doing this, it alleviates the “Who got her that gift?” element to the shower and guests can walk around and see everything the GOH got that day! It also eliminates the person who creates a HUGE tag so everyone knows it’s from them, plus it looks nicer because it is uniform. (The eye like symmetry and repetition!!) And since the MOH (my friend) bought the paper, it goes with the color scheme and will blend in nicely with the rest of the shower decor. For someone like me, this would make a great item to keep and then put into a scrapbook. I could write the name of the gift on each or attach it to the page with a photo of the gift and maybe one of me and the person who gave it to me. Tags are much easier to scrapbook than cards are!

Now, for those pesky gift cards, I would recommend having a table set up with some nice linens (maybe make it a secondary color from your color scheme so that the table stands out) that can hold not only the gift cards, but also the regular cards. Now since the tags are to identify the gifts, there may not be many cards. Some people, like my mother, would probably still give a card because then she could put the gift receipts in it. I, on the other hand, would probably just use the tag because chances are I didn’t get a gift receipt or it got lost before the shower. The GOH can open the cards during the shower or wait until later.

I really like this idea for a shower, especially if you have a lot of guests. Plus it cuts down on the trash and cleanup and is more eco-friendly (hence, why it’s sometimes called a green shower!) I hope these ideas help when you are planning your shower, even if you aren’t planning a display shower. As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “How to pull off a display shower

  1. Love all your suggestions, but you didn’t answer the one question I need help with…what’s the wording on the invitation….no poems please

    • Thanks! We wrote – No wrapping paper necessary for (bride’s name)’s special day because we are going to put her gifts on display. We couldn’t fit much more on the invite!! Just be careful – a lot of the older generation wasn’t sure what a display shower meant because they had never been to one. You may have some explaining to do!! Which is ok, but you might want to include a little note with the invites that explains a display shower.

  2. I received an invitation for a family bridal shower today and at the bottom it just said display shower bows only. I guess at 45 I’m part of the “older generation” and had to google it lol. This site was very helpful and I like the idea as a timesaver and being eco-friendly.

    • LOL Kristen! I am glad this helped. Display showers can be a lot of fun, if done correctly. The GOH gets to spend more time with her guests, which is the whole point of the shower – to spend time with people you love (and family haha).

  3. I get the idea but my sister-in-law is having us give her a display shower and doesn’t want ANY games. There’ll only be maybe 20/25 people (at a restaurant) so I’m envisioning everyone arriving, sitting down to eat, chatting a bit and leaving. Seems to me that it will be awkward and boring. Any thoughts?

    • We didn’t have any games at my SIL’s bridal shower either I don’t think. We did have her open a couple of “special” presents – from the bridal party, her mom and my mom. That way there is something to do besides eat. Usually showers have some kind of prizes for games, but maybe you can do a raffle for bringing wine or something else that your SIL likes? We just had my sister’s display baby shower and for that there were no games, but if you brought a pack of diapers, your name got entered into a raffle and my mom bought gift cards to Target and Wawa as prizes. You could always do that – it’s not technically a game ; ) Or, if it’s a bridal shower, you could have everyone bring pics of them with her and make a cute scrapbook. For my sister’s baby shower, I also cut out baby bibs and people wrote advice to her. That will get people up and moving! We strung them on a clothes line with clothes pins that my SIL and I painted. If it’s a baby shower, buy a bunch of onesies and ask people to decorate them. Not sure if the shower you are doing is a baby or a bridal shower so I hope these suggestions help!

  4. Where did you get the paper/tag for the presents? I want to get cute ones to match the colors/theme. Thanks!

    • Kaitlyn, I made the tags from paper that was bought at AC Moore. Any craft store should have a great selection and if not, try online. There are also lots of paper companies online. Hope that helps!

    • I would have a display box for cards. Decorate a box to go with the theme and leave a slit at the top for the guests to put cards in. I doubt anyone will just straight up put money in there. I’d think they would put it in a card (and that way the guests of honor know who gave what!!). Or, you can get some nice clear bowls for them to put the cards in.

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