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To give or not to give?

A favor that is.  Some people love them, others think, oh great – more clutter. How do you pick something that will make your guests think of it as the former rather than the latter?

Favors are generally given to show your appreciation for attending your event. The challenge is to come up with something people won’t think is junk but they will also use. I always try to tie the favor into the event’s theme or color scheme AND make it pull double duty!

For a shower I helped plan recently, we found something that was cost efficient, cute and had  more than one use. The theme was shoes and purses. When my mom and I looked online, we found purse shaped manicure kits that also matched our color scheme! (pink and black). I made tags on the Cricut so that another bridesmaid could print the guests’ names on them. These were not only used as the favors, but as seating charts for the guests. The wedding is a destination wedding, so the guests can also bring the manicure kit along since it is tiny. Triple duty!

Another great favor for your guests is candy. For a baby shower, I made diaper pins, baby animals and baby booties out of candy. You can find candy molds for almost any occasion at AC Moore or Michael’s. I placed them in the plastic bags that you can get at those same stores and then tied the end off with a ribbon. I also secured a tag with the mother to be’s name and the date of the shower. It took me maybe three hours to make the favors.  Get a bunch of people together who are helping throw the shower and it will take you no time!

These are just two ideas of favors that your guests will appreciate and actually use! I hope that it inspires you to be creative when you need to come up with a favor for your next shower or party. Happy planning!